Rivo della Corte

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Welcome to Rivo della Corte

The structure that houses the Agriturismo Rivo della Corte is an old farmhouse dating back to the 1500s surrounded by 30,000 square meters of land consisting of a garden, olive grove and wood. The building is located within the Groppoli estate, privately owned, located near Pistoia, a city in central-northern Tuscany. The estate includes an ancient noble villa and 11 farmhouses. Nature is uncontaminated and inhabited by numerous free-roaming animals such as roe deer, fallow deer, hares, pheasants, foxes.

Our rooms

Rivo della Corte's rooms and apartments are furnished in classic Tuscan style with Impruneta terracotta floors and wood-beam ceilings.


Between the 15th and 17th centuries, the Groppoli valley was owned by the noble Rospigliosi family, one of the most prominent families in Pistoia and Florence. The farmhouse still bears a 1628 plaque in front, marking when it was bequeathed from Girolamo Rospigliosi to his son Alessandro, who was in turn father to Giulio — Pope Clement IX. The parish church of San Michele Arcangelo, now deconsecrated, dates to about the 11th century and is a dominant feature of the Estate. It was either owned or was founded by Count Guido III from Lombardy who lived in the no longer extant castle of Groppoli. A beautiful, sculpted pulpit from 1194 is still in the parish church. The Groppoli Estate, left mostly intact over the centuries, is now a protected landscape.


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